Battery Equivalents and Replacements

SR512SW (335) Battery Equivalents and Replacements

SR512SW battery, also often labeled as 335 battery, is a small 1.55V non-rechargeable, button/coin cell, silver-oxide battery commonly used in wrist watches, credit card devices, and similar small devices and gadgets that need a reliable source of power over a longer period of time.

SR512SW/335 battery is manufactured by the most reputable battery brands and can be found at online shops and local hardware stores. However, it also often comes with additional labels, causing slight confusion among the users.

Published: January 21, 2022.

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SR512SW/335 Battery Features and Specifications

SR512SW battery features physical dimensions of (D x H) 5.8 x 1.3 mm (~0.2283 x 0.05118 inches), a nominal voltage of 1.55V, a nominal capacity of 5-6 mAh, and shelf life of 3-5 years, sometimes even more.

Actual capacity depends on the battery drain current, battery age, temperature, and similar.

renata 335 w150pxFor example, Renata SR512SW 335 battery (external non-affiliate link, opens in the new window) features a nominal voltage of 1.55 volts, a cutoff voltage of 1.2V, a capacity of 6 mAh when the battery is discharged over 82.5kΩ at 23±3°C down to 1.2V.

Also, the battery features an annual self-discharge rate of ~7% at 23±3°C.

The operating temperature of the battery is -10°C to +60°C, although the best performances are near the room temperature.

When the new Renata SR512SW 335 battery is discharged over 82.5k @23±3°C, the initial drain current is 18.9μA.

The standard label for the (D x H) 5.8 x 1.3 mm battery is the "SR512SW" battery, but other labels are used as well, including SR512, SR512SW, 335, V335, SB-AB, 280-68, GP335, D335, 335A, etc.

SR512SW (335) Battery Safety Issues

SR512SW (335) battery is a very small, shiny battery that can attract small kids and pets.

Although modern SR512SW (335) batteries don't contain toxic elements like cadmium, mercury, lead, and similar, they can cause mechanical injuries and up to the point, chemical burns - fortunately, the SR512SW battery has a very low capacity.

But, if the battery gets swallowed, contact the nearest emergency center and act according to their instructions.

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Long Stroy Short: When looking for a new non-rechargeable 1.55V silver-oxide 5.8 x 1.3 mm battery, go for the reliable SR512SW (335) battery from reputable brands that have many positive reviews - such batteries have already been tested by many real-life users.

Some of the most popular models include (Amazon links, the links open in the new windows):

Other brands also manufacture good 335 SR512SW batteries, but these are among the most popular ones.