Battery Equivalents and Replacements

SR716SW/315 Battery Equivalents and Replacements

SR716SW/315 battery is a smallish button/coin cell battery commonly used as a wrist watch battery and for powering credit card and other similarly sized compact devices that require a power source with a very stable output voltage.

SR716/315 batteries are exclusively silver-oxide batteries, while similar alkaline batteries are very rare if present on the market at all.

Published: March 26, 2022.

renata 315 battery

SR716SW/315 Battery Features and Specifications

SR716SW/315 battery features physical dimensions of 7.9 x 1.65 mm (0.31102 x 0.06496 inches) and is commonly labeled as SR716SW battery, SR716 battery, SR67 battery, or 315 battery, although other labels may also be used.

SR716SW/315 batteries feature a nominal voltage of 1.55V, a cutoff voltage of 1.2V, and a nominal capacity of 21-23 mAh, depending on the battery temperature, age, and drain current.

energizer 315 battery

Most 7.9 x 1.65 mm button/coin cell batteries are designed as low-drain batteries, but there are also high-drain and multi-drain models.

Low-drain models are suitable for digital watches without an alarm and LED lightning and for other devices that don't require strong bursts of current. Also, low drain SR716SW/315 batteries feature an annual self-discharge rate of 2-5%.

High-drain models are suitable even for digital watches with alarm, LED, and similar features that require the battery to provide relatively strong currents. But, high-drain SR716SW/315 batteries feature an annual self-discharge rate of ~10%.

Multi-drain models are suitable for high-drain applications and feature a relatively low self-discharge rate.

murata 315 battery

Silver-oxide SR716SW/315 batteries thus feature a shelf life of 2-5 years, although there are models that have even longer shelf life.

Drain currents depend on the load connected to the battery, and on average, it is around 30-50 μA at room temperature.

For example:

- Seiko SR716SW battery: 21mAh capacity, 30μA typical current, -10°C to +60°C operating temperature,

- Renata 315 battery: 23 mAh (47kΩ, down to 1.2V, at 20°C) capacity, 32.9 μA typical drain current, -10°C to +60°C operating temperature, annual self-discharge rate less than 5% per year,

- Energizer 315 battery: 23 mAh typical capacity (30kΩ, down to 1.2V, at 21°C), a typical drain current of 52 μA.

SR716SW/315 Battery Safety Issues

SR716SW/315 batteries are small shiny objects that can attract kids and pets. Thus, SR716SW/315 batteries are sold in "pet-safe" or "kids-safe" packages, hopefully preventing them from reaching for the batteries.

SR716SW/315 and other modern batteries don't contain mercury and other heavy and toxic elements and compounds.

But, if SR716SW/315 or similar batteries get swallowed, they can cause chemical burns due to the electrolysis - if they are swallowed contact the nearest emergency center immediately, explain what happened, and act according to their instructions.

315 battery mLong Story Short: SR716SW/315 batteries are button/coin cell 7.9 x 1.65 mm batteries typically used in wrist watches and similar devices.

Most popular reputable brands manufacture SR716SW/315 batteries, so go for the models that are very popular and feature good reviews from previous owners - such batteries have already been tested in countless real-life situations and have passed the tests with flying colors.