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Kaiweets HT100 Non-Contact AC Voltage Tester Pen

Kaiweets HT100 Non-Contact AC Voltage Tester Pen is a simple, affordable, and rather reliable non-contact AC voltage tester. Kaiweets HT100 allows the user to safely and quickly verify if there is AC voltage present at the measuring point.

With its ease of use, reliable operation, two levels of sensitivity, built-in LED flashlight, etc. Kaiweets HT100 is one of the most popular non-contact AC voltage testers in the market.

Published: April 2, 2022.

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Kaiweets HT100 Non-Contact AC Voltage Tester Pen Features and Specifications

Kaiweets HT100 is a very compact, lightweight, and energy-efficient device - it features physical dimensions of ~6.2 x 0.9 x 0.8 inches (~15.8 x 2.3 x 2 cm), and it weighs 2.18 ounces (~60g) and is powered by two AAA batteries.

Kaiweets HT100 is a low-power device (rated at 0.45W), but it also features automatic power off after 3 minutes of no operation.

When the batteries' voltage drops below 2.5 volts, Kaiweets HT100 warns the user with a low-battery alarm.

Because of the nature of the operation, it is highly recommended to power Kaiweets HT100 with a pair of high-quality AAA batteries with a long shelf-life.

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For the operation in a low-light environment, Kaiweets HT100 features a LED flashlight, allowing the user to take accurate measurements.

The unit features two sensitivity ranges, low sensitivity for the 48-1000V range and high sensitivity for the 12-1000V voltage range. When the voltage above 90V is detected, High Voltage Alert is raised and the screen turns red and the safety symbol on the screen shines.

Kaiweets HT100 can be used for detecting AC voltage in various places and is sensitive enough even to be used for breakpoint tests of wires, cables, strings, circuits, etc.

The unit comes with a pen hook, allowing the user to carry it in the shirt pocket, just like an ordinary pen - personally, it is a little bit too large for that, but it is nonetheless a very compact device.

kaiweets ht100 mLong Story Short: If You are looking for a simple, reliable, and easy-to-use AC voltage tester, consider this unit - it can't be used for detecting DC voltages, but that is not what this unit is designed for.

Regardless if You are a professional electrician or just have the need to check electric wires at home, this unit can come in very handy.

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