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KAIWEETS HT113B True-RMS Auto-Ranging Digital Multimeter

KAIWEETS HT113B is a True-RMS (Root Mean Square), 4000 counts auto-ranging digital multimeter that can come very handy in troubleshooting issues with electronic and electric systems, power generators included.

KAIWEETS HT113B is a versatile, simple to use, digital multimeter that can be used for measuring DC voltage, AC voltage, DC current, AC current, resistance, diode testing, battery testing (1.5V, 9V), etc.

Published: February 22, 2021.

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KAIWEETS HT113B Digital Multimeter Features and Specifications

The KAIWEETS HT113B Digital Multimeter is used for accurate measurements of:

- AC/DC voltage up to 600V (DC Voltage: 400mV/4V/40V/400V/600V±(0.5%+3), AC Voltage: 400mV/4V/40V/400V/600V±(1.0%+3)),

- AC/DC current up to 10A (10 Amps fuse protection - DC Current: 400uA/4000uA/40mA/400mA±(1.2%+3); 10A±(2.0%+3), AC Current: 400uA/4000uA/40mA/400mA±(1.5%+3); 10A±(2.0%+3)),

- resistance up to 40MΩ (400Ω/4KΩ/40KΩ/400KΩ±(1.0%+3); 4MΩ/40MΩ±(1.0%+3)).

Also, it can be used for continuity testing, diode testing, and battery testing using its 1.5V and 9V battery test modes to easily test a wide variety of standard batteries.

NCV(Non-Contact Voltage) detection increases the overall safety of the user - when the unit senses weak AC signals, the green indicator lights up, combined with the slow beeps. But, when the unit senses strong AC signals, the red indicator lights up, combined with the fast beeps.

Other important features include 4000 counts auto-ranging, True-RMS (Root Mean Square), low battery prompt, data Hold button, auto power-off after 15 minutes of inactivity, MAX button (max function - LED flashlight at the top of the unit, silicon protective case, double use overload protection, etc.


Note: KAIWEETS HT113B is a really simple to use a multimeter, with many functions being self-explanatory and easy to set and use. However, when the unit arrives, it is highly recommended to read the manual, especially if You are not used to such units. After all, this unit can measure voltages up to 600V, and such (and even much lower voltages) can be really dangerous...

KAIWEETS HT113B comes with a pair of AAA batteries. When 'Low Battery Alarm' signals that the batteries are weak, replace the batteries.

Also, during measurements, the sampling rate is ~3 samples per second.

kaiweets ht113b mLong Story Short: KAIWEETS HT113B is a very popular digital multimeter that comes at a very affordable price.

Although it cannot measure capacity and temperature, it is a very versatile and accurate multimeter that can be very helpful when troubleshooting your electric and electronic systems.

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