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VMAXTANKS XTR27-110 High Performance Deep Cycle AGM Marine Battery

VMAXTANKS XTR27-110 is versatile, group 27 AGM battery, featuring 110 Ah nominal capacity. It is designed for both automotive and marine applications, offering robust and sturdy, vibration resistant design, good performances at rather acceptable price.

VMAXTANKS XTR27-110 is commonly used as dual purpose battery in the single battery electrical boat systems, as deep cycle trolling battery, as RV house battery, for solar and other off-the-grid applications and for other applications where reliable source of energy is required.

Published: June 15, 2019.

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VMAXTANKS XTR27-110 Features and Specifications

VMAXTANKS XTR27-110 or sometimes labeled as VMAX XTR27-110, belong to the BCI Group Size 27 and its physical dimensions are (W x D x H) 12.7 x 6.8 x 8.1 (8.9 with terminal posts) inches (~32.3 x 17.3 x 20.6/22.6 cm) and it weighs 68 pounds (~30.8 kg).

VMAXTANKS XTR27-110 features carrying handles, but since it weighs 68 pounds, these carrying handles are just for carrying it very short distances - been there done that :)

As a true dual purpose battery, it can be used in both automotive and marine applications - it features dual terminal posts: SAE and 3/8" STUD posts.

Nominal voltage of the battery is 12 volts - when used in standby applications, recommended float voltage is 13.5 - 13.8 volts and anticipated operating life up to 10-12 years.

Maximum charging voltage is 14.4 - 14.9 volts and it should never be more than 15 volts.

Recommended charging current is 10-35 Amps, allowing the battery discharged down to 80% DoD (or 20% SoC) to be fully rechaged in 3-9 hours.

When the battery is being charged via AGM SLA battery charger, any high-quality AGM smart battery charger being able to supply 10-35 Amps is recommended.

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Personally, if you have VMAXTANKS battery, their AGM battery chargers are good choice, as well. For XTR27-110 battery, VMAXTANKS BC1215 and BC1220 are highly recommended - not only that they charge the battery, but they also check the status/condition of the battery and adjust charging sequence according to the battery.

When being used in the vehicle/boat, charging alternator should have maximum voltage in 14-15 volts range - practically, all vehicles with 12 volts electrical systems.

When being charged via RV converter, solar panel, wind turbine and similar, charge controller should be able to provide at least 10 Amps, preferable 15 Amps or more (up to, but not more than 35 Amps).

Note: VMAXTANKS XTR27-110 can be connected to the battery maintainer, but only fully charged battery. If the battery is discharged, it must be charged first, preferably with the intelligent charger that also has battery maintainer feature.

According to the manufacturer, VMAXTANKS XTR27-110 CCA (Cold Cranking Amps) value is 660 Amps and MCA (Marine Cranking Amps) value is 880 Amps, which is far from being impressive for large AGM battery of 110 Ah nominal capacity.

Also, due to the 3.5 m internal resistance, short circuit current is ~2050 Amps - and that is a lot of current that can do serious damage or worse.

Note: when dealing with the batteries of this size (or any size, actually), first rule is to stay safe!

But, VMAXTANKS XTR27-110 is not intended for cranking applications - its Reserve Capacity (RC) value is 220 minutes. That means that brand new, fully charged battery can provide 25 Amps for 220 minutes, while keeping the voltage above 10.5 volts (1.75 volts per cell).

Discharging characteristics of the VMAXTANKS XTR27-110 is given in the following list:

- 20 h: 5.5 Amps, down to 10.5 volts (1.75 volts per cell), 110 Ah (nominal capacity),

- 220 min (3 hours, 40 minutes): 25 Amps, down to 10.5 volts (1.75 volts per cell), ~92 Ah

- 60 min (1 hour): 75 Amps, down to 10.5 volts (1.75 volts per cell), 75 Ah.

Such capacity loss is typical for AGM SLA batteries and VMAXTANKS XTR27-110 compares favorably with other AGM batteries - after all, it is designed for deep discharge applications, with cranking applications being secondary (if at all!).

VMAXTANKS XTR27-110 As Trolling Motor Battery

nv 86 tVMAXTANKS XTR27-110 is far from being small and light battery, but it stores plenty of energy.

When being used as deep cycle trolling motor battery, VMAXTANKS XTR27-110 is capable of powering medium size trolling motors (50-60 Amps, 50-60 pounds of thrust) for more than an hour.

For safety reasons, consider that 50-60 pounds motors can be powered for 1 hour at full throttle.

Since electric trolling motors are not used at full throttle during fishing, one can assume that the battery is being discharged at 25 Amps during fishing. Since RC value is 220 minutes (3 hours and 40 minutes) it is safe to assume that VMAXTANKS XTR27-110 is able to power such electric trolling motor for at least 3 hours and still has a considerable energy reserve.

Note: these are the worst case scenarios for the battery - in real life in most situations, this battery performs better! But, safety first!

If you are looking for group 27 trolling motor battery, and VMAXTANKS XTR27-110 fits your needs, consider it.

VMAXTANKS XTR27-110 As Kayak Battery

First of all, VMAXTANKS XTR27-110 weighs 68 pounds, and that is a lot, even for large, ocean fishing kayaks. But, if you need it and you have a kayak or small boat that can accept such battery - go for it.

Fishing kayaks often feature small electric motors, often used for trolling or for changing fishing positions. Such small motors rarely require more than 20-25 Amps, so it is safe to assume that VMAXTANKS XTR27-110 is able to power such unit for at least 3 hours (with good safety margin!).

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Small fish finders require 0.2 - 0.3 Amps, while large GPS/Fish Finders combos require up to 2-3 Amps - 10h of fishing draws around 2.0 - 3.0 Ah using small fish finder and 20-30 Ah using large combo units.

2 - 3 Ah is almost nothing for 110 Ah battery, but 20-30 Ah should be taken into account when calculating remaining capacity.

LED navigational lights are not common on small kayaks, but blue water kayaks often feature at least one white (position) LED navigation light - such light draws around 0.5 Amps and during 12h night, it will discharge the battery by 6 Ah.

Depending on the fisherman habits, VMAXTANKS XTR27-110 can last from few hours to few days - just be sure to do the math properly :)

 VMAXTANKS XTR27-110 As RV Battery

VMAXTANKS XTR27-110 is commonly used in RVs as deep cycle/dual purpose battery.

Since it is not 'premium' cranking battery (660 CCA, 880 MCA), RVs with the single battery electrical systems, use several VMAXTANKS XTR27-110 (or similar) batteries connected in parallel to achieve higher capacity and higher (if required) cranking Amps.

For example, 4 VMAXTANKS XTR27-110 batteries feature 440 Ah capacity and 2640 CCA (3520 MCA) and that is plenty of power.

Also, such battery pack weighs ~270 pounds!

As RV house battery, VMAXTANKS XTR27-110 can power various devices and appliances directly via 12 volts or via 110/220 votls DC/DC converters. If larger capacities are required, connecting 2 or more of these batteries is a recommneded solution.

Note: when connecting batteries in series or parallel - be sure to get the same batteries from the same manufacturer, preferably from the same batch! Also, if you are unsure what are you doing, especially regarding the cables, seek professional assistance!

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VMAXTANKS XTR27-110 is commonly used in other applications as well: as solar battery and generally in off-the-grid applications, as UPS battery, in security systems, medicine applications, as golf cart/electric vehicle battery etc.

Long Story Short: if you are looking for deep cycle AGM battery that can be also used, up to the point, as dual purpose battery, and VMAXTANKS XTR27-110 fits sour needs, consider this model.

It is maintenance free battery, resistant to shocks and vibrations, it features dual posts, high capacity, good deep discharge characteristics etc.

VMAXTANKS XTR27-110 comes with 1-year warranty.

For more reviews and recommendations, check VMAXTANKS XTR27-110 AGM Battery Amazon link (link opens in the new window).