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VMAXTANKS XTR34-75 12V 75Ah Deep Cycle AGM Battery

VMAXTANKS XTR34-75 is BCI group 34, deep cycle AGM battery, suitable for use as automotive, marine, wheelchair battery, or it can be used in various, both standby and cycling applications.

Although labeled as deep cycle battery, this versatile battery is true dual purpose battery, being able to provide large currents, but also tolerates frequent deep discharges. However, as the depth of discharges is increased, so does its number of cycles decreases - similarly to all other AGM batteries.

Nonetheless, it is tough and durable battery, thus it is not the cheapest 75 Ah 12V AGM battery on the market...

Published: September 5, 2019.

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VMAXTANKS XTR34-75 Features and Specifications

VMAXTANKS XTR34-75 is Absorbent Glass Mat (AGM) Sealed Lead-Acid (SLA) maintenance free battery, featuring nominal voltage of 12 volts and nominal capacity of 75 Ah.

It is design to be operated at any position, to be spill-proof, and tolerant to vibrations and mechanical impact - use it, but not abuse it!

Its physical dimensions are (L x W x H) 10.2 x 6.6 x 7 (7.2 with terminals) inches (~25.9 x 16.8 x 17.8/18.3 cm) and it weighs 45 pounds (~20.4 kg).

Reserve capacity is rated at 145 minutes, for effective capacity of ~60.4 Ah when the battery is being discharged at 25 Amps rate.

Although it is considered deep cycle battery, VMAXTANKS XTR34-75 features 1100 HCA (Hot Cranking Amps). Manufacturer doesn't state CCA (Cold Cranking Amps) and MCA (Marine Cranking Amps) values, but they can be calculated using battery's HCA:

CCA = HCA x 0.60 = 1100 Amps x 0.60 = 660 Amps

MCA = HCA x 0.75 = 1100 Amps x 0.75 = 825 Amps

Of course, calculated values are just approximation - in the real life, CCA and MCA values can be worse or even better than calculated values.

Worst case scenario - it is safe to assume that brand new, fully charged XTR34-75 battery has 600 Amps CCA and 750 Amps MCA.

As such, it can't compete with similarly sized starting batteries in terms of CCA/MCA, but as deep cycle battery, it has very good starting characteristics.

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Battery terminals are in the form of 6 mm hex screws that come with the battery.

To help it carry around, VMAXTANKS XTR34-75 comes with a pair of handles.

Recommended charging voltage depends on the battery use. When used in standby/float applications, recommended charging voltage is 13.5 - 13.8 volts (with temperature compensation factor of -20mV/C) and when the battery is used in cycling applications, recommended charging voltage is 14.4 - 14.9 volts (with temperature compensation factor of -30mV/C).

In any case, charging voltage should not be above 15.0 volts and the charging current should be kept in the 5 - 20 Amps range.

VMAXTANKS XTR34-75 may be charged with vehicle alternator (14-15 volts), RV converter (14-15 volts), solar panels (135-350 watts), wind turbine (135-350 watts), using charge controller with charging current of 15 or more Amps.

When the battery is being charged using AC battery charger, any smart/microprocessor based AGM battery charger can be used that is able to provide enough current.

Note: when wintering the battery, maintainers may be used, but only if the battery is fully charged using smart AGM battery charger.

bc8s1215a charger

One of the recommended battery chargers for XTR34-75 battery is VMAXTANKS BC8S1215A Smart AGM battery charger/maintainer.

VMAXTANKS BC8S1215A battery charger features 15 Amps maximum charging current, it charges AGM, Gel, flooded batteries using 8 charging modes, etc.

Since it is 'smart' battery charger, it may be used as battery charger, battery maintainer, but also it can restore deeply discharged batteries that don't have enough charge for 'ordinary' chargers to start to charge at first place.

For more information and up-to-date prices and offers, feel free to check VMAXTANKS BC8S1215A Smart Battery Charger Amazon link (link opens in the new window).

Operating life of VMAXTANKS XTR34-75 battery depends on the Depth of Discharges (DoD) and is given as the number of cycles that the battery may withstand prior losing certain percentage of its nominal capacity:

- 100% DoD: ~300 cycles down to 80% capacity, ~310 cycles down to 60% capacity,

- 80% DoD: ~500 cycles down to 80% capacity, ~600 cycles down to 60% capacity,

- 50% DoD: ~800 cycles down to 80% capacity, ~1000 cycles down to 60% capacity,

- 25% DoD: ~1900 cycles down to 80% capacity, ~2600 cycles down to 60% capacity.

These are excellent values, but they comes at certain price - nonetheless, what you pay is what you get. For short, in order to prolong its operating life, don't discharge the battery below 70-80% DoD.

VMAXTANKS XTR34-75 as the Wheelchair Battery

Wheelchairs come in various sizes, shapes, maximum user weight etc.

Wheelchairs usually have 12 or 24 volts electric systems with 1 to 2 motors ranging from 150 - 300 watts continuous, with max. 500 watts short bursts.

When looking for battery for the wheelchair check the required number of batteries, size of the battery compartment, wiring and similar technical details.

If wheelchair features 2x150 watts motors and is powered via single battery, then the battery must provide 25 Amps continuously with surges from time to time.

Since VMAXTANKS XTR34-75 features RC value of 145 minutes, it can be used to power such wheelchair for at least 2h and 25 minutes, without surges. Each power surge drain the battery faster, shortening wheelchair range on the single battery charge.

Note: in order to prolong battery operating life (number of charging/discharging cycles), don't discharge the battery down to 100% DoD. VMAXTANKS XTR34-75 is tough battery and tolerates such use very well, but ...

If wheelchair features 2x250 watts motors and is powered using two batteries (24 volts), battery pack must be able to provide ~21 Amps continuously.

Two fully charged, new XTR34-75 batteries connected in series can provide such current for slightly less than 3 hours, with no additional power surges.

Note: this two examples are just that - examples. In real life battery is new only once, and as time goes by, its nominal capacity decreases. That is why it is so important to charge AGM batteries with smart chargers - they charge the batteries up to 100% of SoC (State of Charge), they test the batteries, normalize the cells, maintain them when they are not in use etc.

vmaxtanks xtr35 75 mLong Story Short: If you are looking for BCI Group 34 deep cycle/dual purpose battery, consider XTR34-75 AGM battery.

It is maintenance free, spill proof, sealed lead-acid battery, having excellent deep discharge recovery features and is even suitable as the dual-purpose battery.

It can be used as wheelchair battery, automotive, marine, standby, off-the-grid and other applications that require battery (or batteries) of this size and features.

For more reviews and recommendations, check VMAXTANKS XTR34-75 AGM Battery Amazon link (link opens in the new window).

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