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WEIZE TPLI-12300AH 12V 300Ah Lithium LiFePO4 Deep Cycle Battery

WEIZE TPLI-12300AH 12V 300Ah Lithium LiFePO4 Deep Cycle Battery is a large but rather lightweight Lithium Iron Phosphate battery, able to store huge amount of energy safely and release it when required.

When compared with lead-acid batteries of similar capacities, the WEIZE 12V 300Ah battery is a compact and light battery, supporting a large number of charging/discharging cycles, even down to 100% DoD.

As such, the WEIZE 12V 300Ah battery is an excellent choice for a trolling motor battery, RV home battery, inverter battery, UPS battery, and for all other applications where the such battery is required.

Published: April 25, 2023.

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WEIZE 12V 300Ah Battery Features and Specifications

WEIZE 12V 300Ah battery features physical dimensions of (L x W x H) 20.6 x 9.37 x 8.58 inches (~523 x 238 x 218 mm), not counting the battery terminals.

The battery is often labeled as a 4D battery, but it is actually larger than a standard 4D battery and very close to the 6D battery group.

Despite its size and capacity, the WEIZE 12V 300Ah battery weighs only 60.5 pounds (~27.4 kg), which is ~3 times less than a similar capacity lead-acid battery.

Also, one of the main advantages of the WEIZE 12V 300Ah battery is its longevity. The battery comes with a 10-year warranty and is designed to endure a much larger number of charging/discharging cycles than lead-acid batteries - >2000 cycles @1C (300 Amps) down to 100%DoD, or >8000 cycles @0.5C (150 Amps) down to 50% DoD.

On average, a WEIZE 12V 300Ah battery supports 10x more charging/discharging cycles than similar lead-acid batteries.

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The battery comes with a pair of F12/M8 battery terminals, ensuring a firm connection between the battery and the battery cables.

Since it is a LiFePO4 battery, the WEIZE 12V 300Ah battery also features an advanced BMS (Battery Management System), which protects the battery from overcharge, over-discharge, overcurrent, short-circuiting, and low and high temperatures.

When an unwanted event is detected, BMS disconnects the battery from the circuit and drops the voltage below 1V.

To reset the BMS, the user has to disconnect the circuit, after which the BMS will reactivate the battery automatically within one second - there is no need for high voltage to reactivate the battery.

Charging temperature range is between 0°C and +45°C, while discharging temperature range is between -20°C and +60°C.

The maximum continuous discharge current is 200 Amps, while the maximum surge current is 400 Amps for 3 seconds. The maximum continuous charging current is 200 Amps, with 60 Amps being recommended as a standard continuous charging current.

For users requiring even larger capacities/voltages, the good thing is that WEIZE 12V 300Ah battery supports up to 4 batteries in series (up to 51.2V) or up to 4 batteries in parallel (up to 1200Ah) - so-called 4S4P connections, allowing the user to connect.

Note: when connecting lithium batteries in series and/or parallel, always connect them as recommended by their manufacturers - use the very same batteries (same manufacturer, chemistry, voltage, capacity, model, etc.), preferably from the same batch.

How To Charge WEIZE 12V 300Ah Battery

WEIZE 12V 300Ah battery should be charged using lithium or advanced lead-acid battery chargers with a dedicated lithium battery charging mode.

While 200 Amps battery chargers may recharge such batteries rather quickly, they are also large, heavy, bulky, and expensive, and they stress the battery significantly when charging it at full 200 Amps.

But, battery chargers in the 50-60 Amps range can recharge WEIZE 12V 300Ah battery discharged down to 100% DoD in 5.5-7 hours and the battery discharged down to 50% DoD in 3-4 hours.

noco geniuspro charger

One such battery charger is the NOCO GENIUSPRO50 50A Smart Battery Charger (Amazon link, opens in the new window), which supports charging voltages of 6V, 12V, 24V, support charging currents up to 50 Amps (6V and 12V), support charging both various lead-acid battery and lithium batteries, can be used as power supply, for battery repair, etc.

Obviously, NOCO GENIUSPRO50 50A Smart Battery Charger is not cheap, but neither are the batteries it is intended to charge.

But it is one of the most popular battery chargers in its class.

WEIZE 12V 300Ah Battery As Power Inverter Battery

This is one of the most common WEIZE 12V 300Ah battery uses.

When the single WEIZE 12V 300Ah battery is used as an inverter battery, it can provide a power inverter with the following:

PBat = 12V * 200A = 2400W continuously

PSurge = 12V * 400A = 4800W for 3 seconds

Note: in these examples, as a nominal voltage of the battery, we are using a value of 12V, which can be larger when the battery is fully charged and not discharged with strong currents and can be lower than 12V when the battery is not fully charger and is discharged with strong currents. But, we always take into account some safety margins ...

A 2000W power inverter with 90% energy efficiency requires the following:

PInv = 2000W / 0.9 = 2222W

PSurge = 4000W / 0.9 = 4444W

As such, one can use a single WEIZE 12V 300Ah battery as an almost ideal inverter battery for power inverters up to 2000 Watts (4000W max. surge).

Since power inverters are considered underpowered when being loaded continuously over 60-70%, if the power inverter in this example is loaded with 70% of its nominal power, then:

IBat = PBat / UBat = (PInv / 0.9) / UBat = (1400W / 0.9) / 12V = ~130 Amps

WEIZE 12V 300Ah battery is able to provide 130 Amps (0.433C) for ~2h 18 minutes.

If four (4) such batteries are connected in parallel, one can run a power inverter @1400W for almost 9 hours, and that is an excellent result for a battery pack weighing just 242 pounds (~110 kg).

weize tpli 12300ah mLong Story Short: If You are looking for a high capacity 12V Lithium Iron Phosphate battery, consider WEIZE 12V 300Ah battery.

The battery weighs only 60.5 pounds and is able to provide 200 Amps continuously and 400 Amps for 3 seconds.

Also, it accepts charge well and features a maximum charging current of 200 Amps and recommended charging continuous charging current of 60 Amps.

For more reviews and recommendations, feel free to check the WEIZE 12V 300Ah Battery Amazon link (the link opens in the new window).