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Weize Lithium YTX20L-BS (Model BAC-0107) LiFePO4 Motorcycle Battery

Weize Lithium YTX20L-BS (Model BAC-0107) LiFePO4 Motorcycle Battery is a tough and durable lithium dual-purpose battery that is able to start relatively large gas and even diesel engines and that supports a large number of charging/discharging cycles.

Weize Lithium YTX20L-BS (Model BAC-0107) battery is a maintenance-free, spill-proof battery that can operate in any position. It comes with an excellent warranty for cranking lithium batteries in this size.

Published: March 6, 2024.

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Weize Lithium YTX20L-BS (Model BAC-0107) Battery Features and Specifications

As its label suggests, Weize Lithium YTX20L-BS (Model BAC-0107) is based on very safe Lithium Iron Phosphate (LiFePO4) chemistry, ensuring lightweight design, strong cranking currents, relatively fast charging, and even large number of supported charging/discharging cycles.

To increase the safety, the battery features Battery Management System (BMS) that monitors battery charging/discharging parameters and if required, disconnects the battery from the electric circuit.

Safety features include:

  • Short circuit protection,
  • Over-current protection,
  • Over-charge protection,
  • Over-discharge protection,
  • Extreme temperature (hot/cold) protection.

The physical dimensions of the battery are 6.93 x 3.43 x 6.1 inches (~176 x 87 x 155 mm), and it weighs 5.874 pounds (~2.67 kg).

The battery features a pair of M6 battery terminals, with negative on the left side of the battery and positive on the right side.

m6 terminal left w400px

As such, the Weize Lithium YTX20L-BS (Model BAC-0107) battery belongs to the motorcycle/Powersports YTX20L-BS battery group.

The battery's temperature ranges are:

  • Charge temperature: from -20°C to +45°C,
  • Discharge temperature: from -20°C to +60°C.

According to the manufacturer, Weize Lithium YTX20L-BS (Model BAC-0107) battery features CCA rating of 600 Amps, which is excellent result for 12.8V 8Ah battery.

However, CCA rating for lithium batteries is usually not given for the same conditions as CCA for lead-acid batteries. Nonetheless, the Weize Lithium YTX20L-BS (Model BAC-0107) battery is able to provide 600A for at least 3 seconds and supports up to 50k+ starts and 2k+ charging/discharging cycles in its lifetime - not bad for a ~6 pounds battery.

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Weize Lithium YTX20L-BS (Model BAC-0107) battery comes with an IP67 rating.

IP67 Explained

For a battery with an IP67 rating:

The first digit, "6," signifies that the battery is dust-tight. This means complete protection against contact and ingress of dust; the battery is sealed against dust entry, ensuring its internal components are not harmed by dust particles.

The second digit, "7," indicates that the battery can be immersed in water up to 1 meter in depth for up to 30 minutes without sustaining harmful ingress or damage. This level of protection ensures that the battery can withstand accidental immersion in water, making it suitable for use in various outdoor, industrial, or aquatic environments where such exposure is a possibility.

Thus, a battery with an IP67 rating is highly resilient and capable of operating in harsh environmental conditions.

This rating assures users that the battery can withstand significant exposure to dust and temporary immersion in water, making it ideal for applications in:

  • Outdoor equipment that may be exposed to rain, splashing, or brief submersion.
  • Industrial settings where dust and water exposure are common.
  • Portable devices that require a durable power source for use in diverse environments, etc.

Weize Lithium YTX20L-BS (Model BAC-0107) Battery vs. Other YTX20L-BS Batteries

The following comparison chart lists some of the most popular lead-acid and lithium YTX20L-BS and YTX20HL-BS batteries with their most important features and specifications.

Model 10h Capacity (Ah)
CCA (Amps) Weight (lbs/kg)
Antigravity AG-ATX20-RS 10 680 (lithium) 3.8 lbs; 1.73 kg Antigravity AG-ATX20-RS
Antigravity ATX-20-HD 15 780 (Lithium) 5.18 lbs; 2.35 kg -
Banshee 20HL-BS 18 500 (Lithium) 4.95 lbs; 2.24 kg -
Banshee YTX20L-BS 18 310 18 lbs; 8.16 kg -
Battanux YTX20L-BS 20 330 13.9 lbs; 6.3 kg -
Battery Tender BTL20A360CW 6.1 360 (Lithium) 3.42 lbs; 1.55 kg -
Chrome YTX20HL-BS 18 310 13.52 lbs; 6.12 kg -
Chrome YTX20HL-BS Pirate Bay 18 310 13.22 lbs; 6.0 kg -
Chrome YTX20L-BS 18 270 13.52 lbs; 6.12 kg -
Chrome YTX20L-BS Pro 18 270 13.88 lbs; 6.29 kg -
Chrome YTX20L-BS Zipp 18 270 13.88 lbs; 6.29 kg -
DEESPAEK YTX20L-BS 12 620 (Lithium) 4.9 lbs; 2.22 kg -
Energizer TX20HL 18 310 13.67 lbs; 6.2 kg -
EverLast CTX20HL-BS 18 310 14.89 lbs; 6.75 kg -
EverLast CTX20L-BS 14 220 13.77 lbs; 6.24 kg -
ExpertPower YTX20L-BS 20 330 13.7 lbs; 6.2 kg -
ExpertPower YTX20L-BS Gel 20 340 13.7 lbs; 6.2 kg -
Interstate YTX20HL-BS 18 310 15 lbs; 6.8 kg -
Kimpex YTX20L-BS - 270 13.22 lbs; 6.0 kg -
Mighty Max YTX20L-BS 18 270 13 lbs; 5.9 kg -
MMG YTX20L-BS MMG-6 - 420 (Lithium) 3.09 lbs; 1.4 kg -
NOCO NLP20 7 600 max. (Lithium) 3.73 lbs; 1.7 kg NOCO NLP20
PowerStar YTX20L-BS 18 220 15 lbs; 6.8 kg -
Renegade RG20L-WS 20 500(?) 14.6 lbs; 6.61 kg -
SDULIBITIY YTX20L-BS 7 700 (Lithium) 3.44 lbs; 1.56 kg -
SigmasTek STX20HL-BS 18 310 13.44 lbs; 6.1 kg -
SigmasTek STX20L-BS 19 270 11.61 lbs; 5.26 kg -
TPE DLF20L-BS 12 620 (Lithium) 4.4 lbs; 2.0 kg -
TPE YTX20L-BS 7 700 (Lithium) 3.09 lbs; 1.4 kg -
TYKOOL LFP20L-BS 12 600 (Lithium) 5.1 lbs; 2.3 kg -
UPLUS EB20H-3 18 310 13.1 lbs; 5.93 kg -
Weize Lithium YTX20L-BS 8 600 (Lithium) 5.874 lbs; 2.67 kg Weize Lithium YTX20L-BS
Weize YTX20HL-BS 18 310 12.85 lbs; 5.82 kg Weize YTX20L-BS/YTX20HL-BS
Weize YTX20L-BS 18 270 12.59 lbs; 5.7 kg
Wuldmar YTX20L-BS 7 700 (Lithium) 4.4 lbs; -
Yuasa YTX20HL-BS 18 310 13.91 lbs; 6.3 kg -
Yuasa YTX20L-BS 18 270 14.85 lbs; 6.73 kg -

Note: Amazon links ("Model" column) open in the new windows, feel free to check them for the most up-to-date offers and prices.

As one would expect, lead-acid batteries are heavier at least double and have (true) CCA rating around half of the Weize Lithium YTX20L-BS (Model BAC-0107) rated CCA (which is, again, not exactly the same as CCA in lead-acid batteries).

Also, the lead-acid batteries in the chart are true cranking/starting batteries, but they do not support deep-cycle applications.

Lithium YTX20L-BS batteries are mostly somewhat lighter than Weize Lithium YTX20L-BS (Model BAC-0107) with similar capacity and CCA ratings, but most of these batteries don't support charging/discharging cycles like Weize Lithium YTX20L-BS (Model BAC-0107) supports.

Weize Lithium YTX20L-BS Batteries: Model BAC-0107 vs. Model FPL1-YTX20L-BS

Weize BAC-0107 and FPL1-YTX20L-BS batteries are two very similar YTX20L-BS batteries, except that BAC-0107 is offered on the official Weize website and FPL1-YTX20L-BS is not offered anymore.

old weize

The main differences between these two models include:

  • Capacity: BAC-0107 8Ah, FPL1-YTX20L-BS 10Ah,
  • CCA rating: BAC-0107 600Ah, FPL1-YTX20L-BS 480Ah.

All other features and specifications are almost the same.

As one can see, the BAC-0107 model has sacrificed some capacity for stronger cranking currents.

How to Charge Weize Lithium YTX20L-BS (Model BAC-0107)

Weize Lithium YTX20L-BS (Model BAC-0107) should be charged with the vehicle's alternator and charge controller.

If the battery is charged outside the vehicle, one should use either dedicated lithium battery charger or advanced AGM/SLA battery charger with a dedicated lithium battery charging mode.

Although lithium batteries generally support relatively strong charging current, perhaps the best course of action is to charge the battery with a relatively weak current, for example, 2 Amps (0.25C).

Such charging current will not stress the battery, and it will help the BMS prolong the battery cell's lifetime.

noco genius2 w400px

One such battery charger is NOCO GENIUS2 2A Smart Car Battery Charger, which can charge:

  • Lead-acid 6V and 12V batteries,
  • Lithium 12V batteries.

But, it can also be used to recover deeply discharged lead-acid batteries, it acts as battery maintainer, battery desulfator, etc.

When the 8Ah battery is discharged down to 50% DoD, such a 2 Amps battery charger requires ~2-2.5 hours to recharge the battery completely.

As such, it is one of the most popular battery chargers in its class. For more reviews and recommendations, feel free to check the NOCO GENIUS2 2A Smart Car Battery Charger Amazon link (the link opens in the new window).

weize ytx20l battery mLong Story Short: Weize Lithium YTX20L-BS (Model BAC-0107) battery is lightweight and very energetic YTX20L-BS battery that comes with a limited 5-year warranty.

The battery is designed as dual-purpose cranking/starting (CCA 600 Amps) and deep-cycle (2000+ cycles) battery. It is also very safe battery thanks to the combination of its chemistry (LiFePO4) and the built-in BMS.

If you are looking for a starting lithium YTX20L-BS battery, consider this model - it has excellent reviews from many real-life users.

For the most up-to-date offers and prices, feel free to check the Weize Lithium YTX20L-BS (Model BAC-0107) Battery Amazon link (the link opens in the new window).