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Weize TL1255/FP1255 12V 55Ah Group 22NF AGM Deep Cycle Battery

Weize TL1255/FP1255 is a very popular BCI Group 22NF Sealed Lead Acid (SLA) Absorbent Glass Mat (AGM)battery commonly used in various applications that require a reliable deep-cycle battery that is also able to provide relatively strong currents.

As such, Weize TL1255/FP1255 is used as trolling motor battery, wheelchair battery, lawn tractor battery, UPS battery, medical system battery, etc. It is a very popular BCI Group 22NF battery featuring a well-balanced design and it also comes at a very affordable price.

Published: June 7, 2022.

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Weize TL1255/FP1255 12V 55Ah Battery Features and Specifications

Weize TL1255/FP1255 battery is a maintenance-free battery based on the Sealed Lead-Acid (SLA) Absorbent Glass Mat (AGM) chemistry - the battery is a spill-proof battery, highly resistant to mechanical impacts and vibrations (but don't abuse it!) and can be operated in any position, except upside down.

Weize TL1255/FP1255 physical dimensions are (L x W x H) 8.98 x 5.43 x 9.06 inches (~22.8 x 13.8 x 23 cm) and it weighs 34.2 pounds (~15.5 kg) - Weize TL1255/FP1255 belongs to the BCI 22NF battery group.

Battery features carrying straps, allowing an adult to carry the battery to shorter distances if required.

The battery is designed for deep cycle applications, but typically for Weize, there are no exact constant-current and constat-power discharge tables.

The battery features a nominal voltage of 12V and a 10h capacity of 55Ah.

Also, according to the manufacturer, the battery is able to provide 1100 Amps for 5 seconds. Personally, this is an excellent result (if accurate) for a deep cycle battery, but if the battery is going to be used for cranking applications, it should be used for smaller gas and diesel engines, typically found in garden lawn tractors, power generators, small boats and similar.

Note: the battery is labeled as either Weize TL1255 or Weize FP1255 - these are basically two exactly the same batteries, coming from different production lines/batches.

positive terminal

Weize TL1255/FP1255 battery features M6 battery terminals - the battery comes with required screws, but without connecting wires and/or "O" rings. 

How to Charge Weize TL1255/FP1255 Battery

According to the manufacturer, Weize TL1255/FP1255 should be charged with the maximum initial current of 16.5 Amps - personally, although Weize TL1255/FP1255 battery accepts charge rather well, it should be charged with currents up to 8-10 Amps.

Depending on the use, the maximum charging voltage should be:

- Cycle Use: 14.40-15.00V,

- Standby Use: 13.50-13.80V.

When charging Weize TL1255/FP1255 battery, go for an intelligent AGM battery charger that analyzes the battery first and then charges the battery according to its condition. Also, after the battery is fully charged, the charger should automatically switch to equalization mode (if required) or maintenance mode.

When the battery is stored for a longer period of time, the use of a battery maintainer is recommended, even when the battery is stored at lower temperatures. When the battery is stored at room temperature, the monthly self-discharge rate is ~3.3% - under such conditions, the battery should be recharged every 3-4 months, or connected to the battery maintainer.

For example, when the battery is discharged down to 50% DoD (27.5 Ah charge required), a 5 Amps battery charger can recharge it fully in 6-7 hours without overstressing the battery, while 10 Amps battery charger can recharge it in 3-4 hours, depending on the battery condition.

Weize TL1255/FP1255 Battery As Wheelchair Battery

Weize TL1255/FP1255 is a very popular wheelchair battery in single (12V) and sometimes even in double-battery (24V) systems.

For example, when the battery is used in single-battery wheelchairs with 2x200W motors, the battery is able to provide the required current of ~33.3A for almost an hour, with some charge still left.

Note: this is a lead-acid battery that features a 10h capacity of 55Ah - when the discharge current is increased, the actual capacity drops!

Since wheelchairs are not used at full throttle all the time, the actual operating time on a single battery charge may be much longer, and it depends on the wheelchair/user weight and the usage.

Weize TL1255/FP1255 Battery As Trolling Motor Battery

Since 55-60 lbs 12V electric trolling motors require 50-60 Amps currents at full throttle, Weize TL1255/FP1255 can be used to power even such units, but for a relatively short time - if You have such trolling motor and You are using it most of the time at full throttle, Weize TL1255/FP1255 battery will not last more than 35-45 minutes.

However, many users operate their electric trolling motors at much lower throttle settings - in that case, Weize TL1255/FP1255 can last 1-3 hours, depending on the exact discharge currents.

For people looking for a cheap and reliable AGM battery for 20-30lbs electric trolling motor that will be used a few hours per day at most, Weize TL1255/FP1255 is an excellent choice - just be sure to recharge the battery as soon as possible.

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Long Story Short: Weize TL1255/FP1255 is a popular choice for other applications too, that require a 12V 55Ah battery, including small solar off-the-grid installations, UPS, medical, security, etc. applications.

It has been used by many people in various situations and it has been already tested in various real-life situations.

For more reviews and recommendations, feel free to check the Weize TL1255/FP1255 12V 55Ah Group 22NF AGM Deep Cycle Battery Amazon link (link opens in the new window).