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Weize YTX14-BS AGM Battery

Weize YTX14-BS AGM battery is a sealed, maintenance-free battery, intended as starting/cranking battery in motorcycles, ATVs, power generators, boats, tractors, scooters, snowmobiles, and other similar applications where small, but powerful and reliable battery is required which is able to provide plenty of power for short periods of time.

Thanks to the electrolyte suspended in Absorbent Glass Mat (AGM), Weize YTX14-BS AGM battery is very resistant to vibrations and mechanical impacts, which helps with the battery endurance in Powersports and similar applications.

Published: February 22, 2021.

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Weize YTX14-BS AGM Battery Features and Specifications

Weize YTX14-BS AGM battery belongs to the BCI Battery Group BTX14-BS, which is more commonly labeled as YTX14-BS.

Official BCI battery dimensions for this group are (L x W x H) 5.875 x 3.4375 x 5.75 inches (150 x 87 x 146 mm).

The actual physical dimensions of the Weize YTX14-BS AGM battery are (L x W x H) 5.90 x 3.42 x 5.70 inches (~150 x 87 x 145 mm), allowing the Weize YTX14-BS AGM battery to fit the battery compartments intended for this battery group.

Weize YTX14-BS AGM battery weighs 9.46 pounds (~4.3 kg) - typical weight for the batteries in this class.

The nominal voltage is 12 volts and the nominal capacity is 12 Ah.

Cold Cranking Amps value is 235 Amps - new, fully charged Weize YTX14-BS AGM battery is able to provide 235 Amps for at least 25 seconds without the voltage dropping below 7.2 volts at 77°F (25°C). And this is a very good result for the 12Ah AGM SLA battery.

Unfortunately, the manufacturer doesn't state values like internal resistance, maximum allowed pulse current (3 or 5 seconds, for example), and other details that may be important in various situations. terminal w400px

Weize YTX14-BS AGM battery features a positive terminal on the left and a negative terminal on the right side of the battery. Terminal posts are 'Nut&Bolt' posts, allowing firm contact between the battery terminals and wires/cables.

Note: Weize YTX14-BS and similar AGM/Gel-Cell batteries are often advertised as maintenance-free batteries - and they are regarding their electrolyte. But, in real-life situations, if there are issues with starting, check if there is corrosion between the battery posts and cables - such corrosion can increase the resistance and prevent proper starting/cranking of the main engine.

How to Charge Weize YTX14-BS AGM Battery?

When the Weize YTX14-BS AGM battery arrives, it is already charged, unlike lithium-ion batteries that for safety reasons transported in a semi-charged state.

However, it is a good practice to connect the Weize YTX14-BS AGM and similar batteries to the intelligent AGM battery charger to let it analyze and recharge the battery fully - in most cases, the Weize YTX14-BS AGM battery comes with a charge level of 70-75% or more.

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When the battery is being used in the vehicle or application that charges the battery using an onboard battery charger, there is no worry about keeping the battery charged.

But, if the battery must be periodically recharged using the battery charger, go for a good, 2-3 Amps intelligent AGM battery charger that analyzes the battery first and only then charge it according to the battery condition. Also, such battery chargers are practically always designed to act as battery maintainers, allowing the user to keep the battery indefinitely connected to the battery charger - actually, if the battery is not in use, such practice is even recommended.

If the Weize YTX14-BS AGM battery is discharged down to 50% DoD, 2 Amps battery charger can fully recharge the battery in slightly more than 3 hours, without stressing the battery with too strong charging current.

weize ytx14 bs mLong Story Short: Weize YTX14-BS AGM battery is a very popular starting/cranking Powersports battery, often used in certain power generators as a starting battery.

If You are looking for a new YTX14-BS sealed lead-acid (SLA) battery, consider the Weize YTX14-BS AGM battery - it is a reliable battery that comes at an acceptable price and offers good performances.

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