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What Does A BS Mean On A Motorcycle Battery?

A label of a motorcycle or Powersports battery usually contains the battery brand, the battery size/group, and often ends with the letters "BS".

While battery brand and the battery size/group are self-explanatory, many people wonder what this "BS" stands for ...

Published: April 6, 2022.

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As always in life, the letters "BS" on motorcycle batteries can have several meanings:

- Battery Sealed (BS): most motorcycle batteries with their labels including "BS" are sealed batteries - they are spill-proof, maintenance-free batteries and they can operate in almost any position, except upside-down, with some models being able to operate even in an upside-down position.

Battery Sealed (BS) and Factory Activated (FA) batteries are batteries that are filled with the electrolyte, sealed, and fully charged at the factory.

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As such, factory-activated batteries cannot be stored for a very long time and must be used within a certain period of time even when their charge level is maintained using battery maintainers.

- Bottle Supplied (BS): some motorcycle batteries are delivered as dry batteries with their electrolyte stored in plastic containers, with each container containing the exact amount of electrolyte.

The "Bottle Supplied" (BS) batteries are filled with electrolyte from the containers before their use - such batteries must be "activated" first.

The "Bottle Supplied" (BS) batteries can be both wet/cell and AGM batteries, both having very similar activation protocols.

Unlike "Battery Sealed" (BS) batteries, "Bottle Supplied" (BS) dry batteries have a much longer shelf life and they don't have to be maintained/recharged while being stored for a longer period of time.

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Long Story Short: "Bottled Supplied" (BS) batteries may have a longer operating life since they are activated just prior to use, but with "Battery Sealed" (BS) batteries one doesn't have to deal with a very aggressive and toxic sulfuric acid (H2SO4) which is used as an electrolyte in the lead-acid batteries, even though it is somewhat diluted.