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XS Power D3400 XS Series 12V 3,300 Amp AGM High Output Battery

XS Power D3400 is very popular automotive BCI group 34 battery, commonly used in cars, trucks, RVs and other similar vehicles as the starting battery and as the battery for powering high power electronics including winches, stereos, pumps, lights and similar.

XS Power D3400 is Absorbent Glass Mat (AGM) Sealed Lead Acid battery with increased tolerance to vibrations and designed as spill proof battery being able to operate in almost any position - although up-side-down is not recommended.

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XS Power D3400 Features and Specifications

XS Power D3400 battery belong to BCI Group 34 battery size, which means that it may fit into the battery compartment of following dimensions (L x W x H): 10.25 x 6.8125 x 7.875 inches (26 x 17.3 x 20 cm).

We are emphasizing this because there are actually two versions of XS power D3400 batteries sharing the same label, but having slightly different features and specifications.

When buying XS power D3400 in the local hardware store or when ordering these batteries from online stores, be sure to check their nominal capacity first.

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Main differences between these batteries is their nominal capacity, Reserve Capacity, starting currents, physical dimensions, weight and terminal size/shape, as given in the following chart:

Model XS power D3400 (12V 80Ah) XS power D3400 (12V 65 Ah)
Top Label xs power d3400 80 ah xs power d3400 65 ah
Terminal M6 Terminal Bolt M6 Terminal Bolt
BCI Group 34 34
Physical Dimensions 10.24 x 6.89 x 7.16 inches
(~26 x 17.5 x 18.2 cm)
10.24 x 6.75 x 7.20 inches
(~26 x 17.2 x 18.3 cm)
Weight 49.97 pounds (22.67 kg) 46.0 pounds (20.85 kg)
Nominal Voltage 12 volts 12 volts
Nominal Capacity 80 Ah 65 Ah
Reserve Capacity 160 min 135 min
MCA (CA) 1150 Amps 1000 Amps
 Max. Discharge Current 3300 Amps 3300 Amps
Max. Primary Power 2500 Watts 2500 Watts
Max. Secondary Power 4000 Watts  4000 Watts
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These two versions of XS power D3400 battery are very similar in both performances and appearance, leading to possible confusion.

Both batteries fits easily into the standard BCI group 34 battery compartment and feature M6 terminals bolts with required accessories for making firm connection.

Both batteries feature the same maximum discharge current of 3300 Amps, maximum primary power of 2500 Ah (single battery systems) and maximum secondary power of 4000 Ah (dual battery systems).

However, XS power D3400 (12V 80Ah) battery obviously have larger 20h capacity (80 vs 65 Ah), cranking amps (1150 vs 1000 Amps) and Reserve Capacity (160 vs 135 minutes). Also, XS power D3400 (12V 80Ah) is somewhat heavier (~50 vs 46 pounds).

Note that both batteries are not always available at the same time in local hardware stores or at online stores.

To make things even more interesting, there are also 'R' versions of these batteries (34R) with the same features and specifications, except with the switched sides of the terminals.

xs power d3400r

So, when ordering XS power D3400 from online shops, be sure to check actually what battery model You are ordering - the most common one is BCI Group 34 XS power D3400 12V 65 Ah that often has very 'nice' price tag, but don't forget that this is high-power, premium, group 34 battery.

XS power D3400 Batteries vs Other BCI Group 34 Batteries

The following chart lists the most popular starting, dual-purpose and deep cycle Group 34 batteries and their most important features and specifications:

Model Battery Type Chemistry Ah CCA MCA RC Weight (lbs/kg) Review
ACDelco 34AGM Starting AGM 60 740 - 115 38.7 lbs; 17.4 kg -
Banshee 34M Dual Purpose Flooded 66 750 870 100 37.0 lbs; 16.8 kg -
Delphi BU9034 Starting AGM 55 775 - 120 42.5 lbs; 19.3 kg -
DieHard 38232 Starting AGM 55 775 - 120 44.5 lbs; 20.2 kg DieHard 38232
Exide Edge FP-AGM34 Dual Purpose AGM 60 770 - 120 45.9 lbs; 20.8 kg -
NorthStar NSB-AGM34 Dual Purpose AGM 65 880 1050 134 51 lbs; 23.1 kg -
Odyssey 34M-PC1500 Dual Purpose AGM 68 850 1050 135 49.5 lbs; 22.4 kg 34M-PC1500
Optima RedTop 34 Starting AGM 50 800 1000 100 37.9 lbs; 17.2 kg Optima RedTop 34
Optima 8016-103 D34M Dual Purpose AGM 55 750 870 120 43.5 lbs; 19.7 kg Optima D34M
VMAXTANKS XTR34-75 Deep Cycle AGM 75 - 825* 145 45.0 lbs; 20.4 kg VMAX XTR34-75
XS Power D3400 12V 65 Ah Dual Purpose AGM 65 - 1000 135 46.0 lbs; 20.85 kg XS Power D3400
XS Power D3400 12V 80Ah Dual Purpose AGM 80 - 1150 160 50 lbs; 22.67 kg

When compared with other similar Group 34 batteries, XS power D3400 12V 65Ah have very similar performances like premium NorthStar NSB-AGM34 and Odyssey 34M-PC1500 batteries, except that XS power D3400 12V 65Ah battery is somewhat lighter (46 vs 51 vs 49.5 pounds respectably).

All three batteries are evenly matched even regarding the their price which is usually slightly higher than the prices of other group 34 batteries:

Which one to pick, XS power D3400 12V 65Ah, NorthStar NSB-AGM34 or Odyssey 34M-PC1500 battery, often depends on the personal preferences - most users of these batteries stick to the same brand and rarely change it.

Note: if You need new group 34 battery for your vehicle with other loads beside engine starter, and You are in position to choose between XS power D3400 12V 65Ah, XS power D3400 12V 80Ah and other group 34 batteries, and You don't mind paying some extra more, don't think twice - go for XS power D3400 12V 80Ah and rest assured that You have purchased some of the best group 34 batteries on the market.

How to Charge XS power D3400 Batteries

When the XS power D3400 battery is used as the car battery, onboard battery charger will keep the battery fully charged when the vehicle is regularly driven long enough.

However, when the battery must be charged using dedicated battery charger, it is highly recommended to use smart/intelligent AGM battery charger with temperature compensation and use setting for the cycle battery charge, which is usually around 13.6 - 13.8 volts.

Float/standby voltage setting may also be used as long as the maximum end charging voltage is 14.4 volts (+/- 0.3 volts, depending on the temperature).

If higher voltage is applied over longer period of time, gassing may occur, damaging the battery.

While XS Power doesn't state maximum allowed charging current and under which conditions it may be charged (time, current, temperature and similar), personally, XS power D3400 12V 65Ah battery may safely be charged with 10 Amps AGM battery charger, while XS power D3400 12V 80Ah battery may safely charged even with somewhat stronger battery charger - again, it all depends on the temperature, state of discharge and similar.

If unsure, please check the battery documentation or contact the battery manufacturer.

xs power d3400 mLong Story Short: XS Power D3400 batteries are high-output group 34 AGM batteries, suitable for broad range of applications where burst of energies are required, even over longer periods of time.

Commonly, XS Power D3400 batteries are used as premium automotive batteries in both single and dual-battery systems as cranking/starting battery and for powering various electric and electronic systems while the main engine is turned off.

Despite its price, XS Power D3400 12V 65Ah battery is one of the most popular group 34 batteries on the market due to its output features and its reliability.

For more reviews and recommendations, feel free to check XS Power D3400 Group 34 Battery Amazon link (link opens in the new window).