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XS Power D7500 AGM High-Performance Battery

XS Power D7500 is a large and heavy battery, designed for high-demanding applications, in both one and two battery (or battery bank) systems.

XS Power is AGM SLA low-maintenance battery, being able to provide 1700 (Marine) Cranking Amps (MCA or CA), featuring 280 RC minutes, and is able to support 5000-7500 watt car audio sound system or any other similar system.

Published: May 6, 2020.

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XS Power D7500 Features and Specifications

XS Power D7500 physical dimensions are (L x W x H) 12.99 x 6.81 x 10.75 inches (~330 x 173 x 273) and it weighs 99.8 pounds (~45.3 kg) - it is anything but small and lightweight battery.

XS Power D7500 battery doesn't belong to any official BCI battery group, but it is very close to the BCI Group 31 battery size - group 31 batteries must fit in the battery compartment of 13 x 6.8125 x 9.4375 (13 x 6 13/16 x 9 7/16) inches (330 x 173 x 240 mm).

For short, the XS Power D7500 battery cannot be considered as a group 31 battery - it can fit regarding length and width, but it is too tall (10.75 vs 9.4375 inches, 273 vs 240 mm).

So, if you need a group 31 battery replacement and the battery may be somewhat taller than the standard group 31 battery, then yes, you can consider the XS Power D7500 battery as your next battery.

XS Power D7500 battery features M6 battery terminals, with required hardware included.

XS Power D7500 battery is a true dual-purpose battery - it is suitable for both deep cycle applications and it is also able to crank surprisingly large engines.

As a cranking battery, its MCA/CA value is 1700 Amps (at 32°F/0°C), with the maximum allowed current of 6000 Amps, and as deep cycle battery, it features a Reserve Capacity of 280 minutes (4 hours and 40 minutes). Also, its 20h capacity is 140 Ah - it features better performances than group 31 batteries, thanks to a taller design and hence larger volume (and weight).

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The battery's maximum primary power is ~5000 watts and maximum secondary power is ~7500 watts.

XS Power D7500 is suitable for various high-demanding automotive, marine, and industrial applications.

How to Charge XS Power D7500 Battery

If the battery is connected to the vehicle/boat's electric system, let the onboard alternator recharge the battery as it normally would.

However, one of the main reasons why AGM battery dies is overcharging, so be sure that charging voltage is kept below:

Temperature 32°F (0°C) 50°F (10°C) 68°F (20°C) 77°F (25°C) 86°F (30°C) 104°F (40°C)
Cycle Use Charge Voltage 15.30 15.00 14.80 14.70 14.50 14.30
Float/Stand By Charge Voltage 14.10 14.20 13.75 13.65 13.50 13.35

As one can see, overcharging can kill even the best batteries just as over-discharging them.

Since XS Power D7500 is far from being a cheap battery, having a good AGM battery charger can significantly prolong the operating life of such a battery - smart AGM battery charger analyzes the battery first and charge it according to the battery condition and the temperature.

Since XS Power D7500 features 140 Ah nominal capacity, it can be charged with 15-25 Amps currents safely. One of the recommended AGM battery chargers is multi-function NOCO Genius G15000 15-Amp 12V/24V Smart Battery Charger - when the XS Power D7500 is discharged down to 50% DoD, it can recharge it in under 5 hours.

noco genius g15000 w300

If the XS Power D7500 battery is going to be used in 24 volts systems, then an even stronger battery charger is required, for example, NOCO Genius G26000 26-Amp 12V/24V Smart Battery Charger, which is able to charge 12 volt AGM batteries with 26 Amps and 24 volt AGM batteries (or battery packs) with 13 Amps.

For example, if you have a pair of XS Power D7500 batteries connected in series, NOCO Genius G26000 smart battery charger can recharge 50% DoD discharged batteries in less than 6 hours - and that is plenty of energy transferred and stored.

When the battery is fully recharged, smart AGM battery chargers switch their charging modes into so-called maintenance mode - they monitor the battery's condition and periodically recharge it using short pulses of energy.

If the battery is stored away without the battery maintainer, it is highly recommended to keep it in a cool and dry place and to recharge it either after 6 months or when the battery's voltage drop below 12.6 volts.

XS Power D7500 as Trolling Motor Battery

Since trolling motors on average draw 25-50 Amps, XS Power D7500 may be used as a high-capacity electric trolling motor battery - when the medium-sized electric trolling motor is used on half throttle, it draws ~25 Amps @12 volts.

In such conditions, XS Power D7500 may be used for (more than) 4 hours - always leave some extra time as a safety measure.

Also, since the battery is heavy (almost 100 pounds), placing the battery low in the boat (below the waterline) can improve the boat's stability.

XS Power D7500 as RV Battery

XS Power D7500 may be used in RVs in both single battery and double battery electric systems.

In single battery systems, XS Power D7500 can store and release large amounts of energy and still be able to crank large engines.

However, since cranking power drops as the battery is being discharged and as the battery gets older, be sure not to discharge it too much while being off-the-grid.

Note: Personally, for RVs with single battery electric systems, a good lithium jump starter is highly recommended - better safe than sorry.

In two battery electric systems, XS Power D7500 can be used as a house battery and when the battery is being discharged down to 20% SoC (80% DoD), one may expect XS Power D7500 to provide ~10 Amps for 10 hours continuously.

If more power is required, XS Power D7500 can be connected in parallel in order to increase the capacity.

xspower d7500 mLong Story Short: If you are looking for a tough and durable, high-performance AGM battery, consider the XS Power D7500 battery, especially if you are looking for a group 31 battery, and your battery compartment has some extra height-free area.

XS Power D7500 battery is large, heavy, and relatively difficult to work with (try to carry 100 pounds around!), but it also features 1700 CA, 280 RC, and 140 Ah (20h discharge) - these are not features of 'everyday car/boat battery'.

For more reviews and recommendations, feel free to check XS Power D7500 AGM Battery Amazon link (link opens in the new window).

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