Battery Equivalents and Replacements

YTX24HL-BS Battery Equivalents and Replacements

YTX24HL-BS lead-acid and lithium batteries are used as starting batteries on motorcycles, snowmobiles, ATVs, power generators, lawn tractors, smaller boats, etc.

YTX24HL-BS batteries can crank surprisingly large diesel and especially gas engines and with improvements in AGM technology, they even tolerate semi-deep discharges - practically, many models act as smallish dual-purpose batteries. But, their primary role is to provide strong currents during short periods of time ...

Published: May 28, 2021.

yuasa ytx24hl bs battery

YTX24HL-BS Battery Features and Specifications

YTX24HL-BS battery features physical dimensions of 8.0625 x 3.4375 x 6.375 inches (205 x 87 x 162 mm), with the negative battery terminal being located on the left - hence "L" as part of the YTX24HL-BS label.

Note: some YTX24HL-BS units feature quad terminals, and can be labeled as "YTX24HL-BS" or "YTX24H-BS" batteries.

Also, YTX24HL-BS batteries are designed as "High Performance" batteries, hence "H" as part of the YTX24HL-BS label.

Most YTX24HL-BS batteries on the market are designed as Valve Regulated Lead-Acid (VRLA) Absorbent Glass Mat (AGM) batteries, with some Gel-Cell lead-acid batteries also being present - wet/flooded YTX24HL-BS batteries are being practically phased out.

AGM and Gel-Cell YTX24HL-BS batteries are vibration-resistant, spill-proof, maintenance-free lead-acid batteries that feature nominal voltage of 12 volts, 21-24 Ah 10h capacity, 210-350 CCA Amps, and they weigh 13-18 pounds (~5.9 - 8.2 kg).

If they are used as dual-purpose batteries (and they should NOT be used as such, at least not on a daily basis), they can easily withstand discharges down to 50% DoD and recover properly when charged with an intelligent AGM battery charger that also features desulphation and equalization charging modes. mmg ytx24hl lithium

Lithium YTX24HL-BS batteries are not as common as AGM/Gel-Cell YTX24HL-BS batteries, but they offer great weight savings and stronger cranking currents.

Lithium YTX24HL-BS batteries should be charged either with the vehicle's onboard battery charging system (alternator, combined with some charge controller) or using a dedicated lithium battery charger (or AGM battery charger that features a dedicated lithium battery charging mode).

The following comparison chart lists some of the most popular YTX24HL-BS batteries with their most important features and specifications:

Model 10h Capacity (Ah) CCA (Amps) Weight (lbs/kg) Review
Chrome YTX24HL-BS 21 300 13.11 lbs; 5.94 kg -
Chrome YTX24HL-BS Pirate Bay 21 300 13.11 lbs; 5.94 kg -
Energizer TX24HL 21 350 16 lbs; 7.25 kg -
EverLast CTX24HL-BS 21 330 18 lbs; 8.16 kg -
KMG YTX24HL-BS 24 350 - -
Mighty Max YTX24HL-BS 21 260 15 lbs; 6.78 kg -
Mighty Max YTX24HL-BS Gel 21 210 14.35 lbs; 6.5 kg -
MMG YTX24HL-BS AGM 21 350 14.4 lbs; 6.52 kg -
MMG YTX24HL-BS Lithium 7 420 (Lithium) 4 lbs; 1.81 kg -
PowerStar PM24HL-BS 24 320 17 lbs; 7.7 kg -
Protek YTX24HL-BS 21 350 17 lbs; 7.7 kg -
UpStart YTX24HL-BS 21 - - -
Yuasa YTX24HL-BS 21 350 17 lbs; 7.7 kg -

Note: Amazon links ("Model" column) open in the new windows, feel free to check them for the most up-to-date offers and prices.

By replacing AGM YTX24HL-BS battery with lithium YTX24HL-BS battery, users can save 9-14 pounds (~4.1 - 6.4 kg) which is often not a very significant weight saving for ordinary users and recreational activities.

However, for high-performance applications, a weight saving of 9-14 pounds can be the difference between winning and losing :)

chrome ytx24hl bs battery

What Kills YTX24HL-BS Batteries?

The greatest enemies of YTX24HL-BS batteries are summer heat, long inactivity period and mechanical vibrations and impacts.

Summer heat - during summer, if possible, keep your vehicle (and thus the battery) in shade or preferably in an air-conditioned area. If possible, the battery compartment on the vehicle should be well-ventilated, keeping the battery's temperature as low as possible.

Long inactivity period - when the battery is stored during winter, it can be left connected to the battery maintainer, keeping the battery fully charged and cells balanced. If it is not possible to store the battery with the maintainer connected, fully recharge the battery and store it in the cold area - with most AGM batteries featuring a self-discharge rate of <3%, especially at lower temperatures, most AGM YTX24HL-BS batteries can be stored that way for at least 3-4 months without any side effects on the longevity of the battery.

Vibrations and mechanical impacts - AGM YTX24HL-BS batteries are very vibration resistant, especially when compared with flooded YTX24HL-BS batteries. However, vibrations and mechanical impacts can physically damage the battery. To prevent that, be sure that the battery is fixed firmly at its position in the battery compartment and if required, use some rubber mats to decrease the vibrations that are transferred from the vehicle to the battery.

ytx24hl bs battery mLong Story Short: YTX24HL-BS batteries are rather compact batteries that are able to provide strong currents required for cranking small to medium gas and diesel engines.

YTX24HL-BS AGM/Gel-Cell batteries are practically a standard type of YTX24HL-BS batteries, with the lithium batteries slowly appearing in this battery size as well.

As usual, Chrome and Yuasa YTX24HL-BS batteries are some of the most popular YTX24HL-BS batteries on the market, chosen by many users and tested in real-life conditions and applications.

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