Battery Equivalents and Replacements

YTX30L-BS Battery Equivalents and Replacements

YTX30L-BS batteries are very popular starting batteries often used not only in high-end motorcycles and smaller cars but also in lawn tractors, ATVs, smaller boats, and similar.

YTX30L-BS batteries are manufactured by many brands and are available at many online and hardware stores and getting a new one should not be a problem. However, before getting a new one, it is good to learn a thing or two about these batteries...

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YTX30L-BS Battery Features and Specifications

YTX30L-BS batteries feature physical dimensions of 6.5625 x 4.9375 x 6.875 inches (166 x 126 x 175 mm), with the negative battery terminal being on the left - hence the letter 'L' as the part of its label (YTX30L-BS Battery).

YTX30L-BS batteries are mostly lead-acid batteries, although lithium YTX30L-BS batteries are present on the market, too.

Lead-acid YTX30L-BS batteries are mostly AGM or Gel-Cell batteries, with flooded/wet YTX30L-BS batteries being slowly phased out.

AGM and/or Gel-Cell YTX30L-BS batteries are spill-free batteries that can operate in almost any position, except upside-down.

With their electrolyte being suspended in glass mats (Absorbent Glass Mat - AGM batteries) or in silica gel (Gel-Cell batteries), they feature almost no terminal corrosion, and with no need to add a distilled water into the cells, they are 'almost' maintenance-free batteries.

Lead-acid YTX30L-BS batteries weigh 18-23 pounds (~8 - 10.5 kg), and feature 280-385 CCA Amps and 10h capacity in the 28-30 Ah range.

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Lithium YTX30L-BS batteries are not as common as AGM/Gel-Cell YTX30L-BS batteries, but they have several advantages including reduced weight (4-7 pounds vs 20-23 pounds) and stronger starting current (480-720 Amps vs 280-385 CCA Amps).

However, lithium YTX30L-BS batteries are not so good performers at lower temperatures with many models featuring Battery Management Systems that prevent the battery from cranking the engines at very low temperatures.

Note: most lithium batteries don't come with an actual CCA rating, but HCA rating often labeled as a CCA rating. Since the CA (or MCA) rating of premium YTX30L-BS AGM/Gel-Cell batteries is in the 400-450 Amps range, lead-acid battery performances don't lag behind the performances of lithium YTX30L-BS batteries at room temperatures by much!

The following comparison chart lists some of the most popular YTX30L-BS batteries with their most important features and specifications:

Model 10h Capacity (Ah) CCA (Amps) Weight (lbs/kg)
Banshee DLFP30-HL 12.5 625 (Lithium) 6.3 lbs; 2.86 kg
Banshee YTX30L-BS 28 350 22 lbs; 9.97 kg
Chrome 30L-BS Zipp 30 385 -
Chrome YTX30L-BS 30 385 19.8 lbs; 8.97 kg
Energizer TX30L 30 385 21.6 lbs; 9.8 lbs
Kepworth KP30L-BS 19 720 (Lithium) 7.29 lbs; 3.3 kg
Mighty Max YTX30L-BS 30 385 21.4 lbs; 9.7 kg
MMG YIX30L-BS MMG-7 - 480 (Lithium) 4.18 lbs; 1.9 kg
PowerStar YTX30L-BS 30 385 -
Shotgun YTX30L-BS 28 280 22 lbs; 9.97 kg
Yuasa YUAM22H30 YB30L-B 30 300 13.22 lbs; 6.0 kg
Yuasa YUAM6230X YIX30L-BS 30 385 22 lbs; 9.97 kg
Weize YTX30L-BS 30 385 17.7 lbs; 8.1 kg

Note: Amazon links ("Model" column) open in the new windows, feel free to check them for the most up-to-date offers and prices.

As one can see, the best YTX30L-BS batteries (Chrome, Mighty Max, Yuasa, Weize...) feature a 10h capacity of 30Ah and a CCA rating of 385 Amps.

Although they are designed as cranking/starting batteries, thanks to the AGM technology, these batteries can be even used as deep cycle batteries - the Chrome YTX30L-BS battery even has an estimated Reserve Capacity (25 Amps drain down to 10.5V) value of 45 minutes, which is great for a 10h 30Ah battery.

But, these batteries are intended and designed as starting/cranking batteries and as such should be used.

Note: If You are looking for a deep-cycle or general-purpose 30-35 Ah batteries, consider U1 or U1R batteries.

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How to Charge YTX30L-BS Batteries?

When the YTX30L-BS batteries are connected to the vehicle's electric system that features an alternator and (hopefully) a charger controller, the battery should be left in the vehicle to be continuously charged whenever the engine is ON.

However, when the battery is out of the vehicle, it should be charged using smart battery chargers.

Lead-acid batteries should be charged using a 3-5 Amps intelligent AGM/Gel-Cell battery charger - such chargers analyze the battery first and only then charge it according to its condition.

Also, when the battery is fully charged, such battery chargers automatically switch to maintenance mode, keeping the battery fully charged over a longer period of time.

On the other hand, when the lithium YTX30L-BS batteries are disconnected from the vehicle, they should be charged using dedicated lithium battery chargers or with the intelligent AGM battery chargers that feature dedicated lithium charging mode with the maximum charging current depending on the battery's actual capacity - usually in 2-4 Amps range.

ytx30l bs mLong Story Short: the best and the most popular YTX30L-BS batteries are AGM and Gel-Cell YTX30L-BS batteries from the most reputable brands like Chrome, Weize, Yousa, Mighty Max, and similar.

Considering their size, YTX30L-BS batteries can crank/start surprisingly large engines, sometimes even when not fully charged.

When replacing an old YTX30L-BS battery with a new one, be sure that the new battery matches the old one - terminals type and orientation, chemistry, capacity, CCA, etc.

And whatever You do, stay cafe...

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