Battery Equivalents and Replacements

YTX7A-BS Battery Equivalents and Replacements

YTX7A-BS batteries are rather compact and relatively lightweight cranking batteries used in motorcycles, snowmobiles, ATVs, power generators, and similar applications to start smaller gasoline engines.

YTX7A-BS batteries are mostly cheap and reliable lead-acid batteries, but lithium YTX7A-BS batteries are becoming more and more popular due to their ultralight design and cranking abilities.

Published: May 16, 2023.

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 YTX7A-BS Battery Dimensions And Features

YTX7A-BS batteries feature physical dimensions of 5.875 x 3.4375 x 3.5625 inches (~150 x 87 x 90 mm) and nuts&bolt battery terminals, with the positive (red) battery terminal on the left side of the battery.

For a long time, YTX7A batteries were exclusively wet/flooded lead-acid batteries, but they are now mostly phased out in favor of sealed Absorbed Glass Mat (AGM), and Gel-Cell Sealed Lead Acid (SLA) batteries, which offer better vibration and mechanical impacts resistance and are (almost) maintenance free batteries.

However, in recent times, lithium YTX7A-BS batteries are becoming more and more popular. Lithium YTX7A-BS batteries are mostly based on Lithium Iron Phosphate (LiFePO4) chemistry and rarely on Lithium Polymer chemistry - LiFePO4 batteries are much safer than Lithium Polymer batteries.

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On average, lead-acid YTX7A-BS batteries feature a nominal capacity of 6-7Ah, 90-105 CCA Amps, and weigh 5-7 pounds.

On the other hand, lithium YTX7A-BS batteries feature CCA in the 120-320 Amps range, and they weigh 1.3-2.1 pounds.

YTX7A-BS Batteries Comparison Chart

The following comparison chart lists some of the most popular YTX7A-BS batteries with their basic features and specifications:

Model 10h Capacity (Ah) CCA (Amps) Weight (lbs/kg)
Casil YTX7A-BS 6 105 5.29 lbs; 2.40 kg
Chrome Battery YTX7A-BS 6 90 5.42 lbs; 2.46 kg
Chrome Pirate YTX7A-BS 6 90 5.4 lbs; 2.45 kg
Chrome Pro YTX7A-BS 6 90 5.42 lbs; 2.46 kg
Chrome Zipp YTX7A-BS 6 90 5.4 lbs; 2.45 kg
EverLast CTX7A-BS 6 100 6.2 lbs; 2.80 kg
ExpertPower YTX7A-BS 7 90 5.29 lbs; 2.40 kg
ExpertPower YTX7A-BS Gel 7 - 5.57 lbs; 2.53 kg
Interstate XTX7A-BS 6 90 5.05 lbs; 2.29 kg
Maxlithium MLI12-ST050A 5 300 (Lithium) 1.34 lbs; 0.61 kg
Mighty Max YTX7A-BS 6 105 5.65 lbs; 2.56 kg
Mighty Max YTX7A-BS Li 4 120 (Lithium) 1.95 lbs; 0.88 kg
MMG MMG-2 Battery 2 160 (Lithium) 1.3 lbs; 0.59 kg
MMG YTX7A-BS Gel 7 105 5.73 lbs; 2.60 kg
PowerSource WP7A-BS 6 90 7 lbs; 3.17 kg
PowerStar PM7-12A 6 80 -
Shotgun YTX7A-BS - - 7 lbs; 3.17 kg
Sigmastek STX7A-BS 7 105 5.81 lbs; 2.63 kg
TPE DLFP7A-BS 5 320 (Lithium) 2.1 lbs; 0.95 kg
Yuasa YTX7A-BS 6 105 6.3 lbs; 2.96 kg
Weize YTX7A-BS 6 105 5.24 kg; 2.37 kg

Note: Amazon links ("Model" column) open in the new windows, feel free to check them for the most up-to-date offers and prices.

Lithium YTX7A-BS batteries come with the built Battery Management System (BMS), which monitors the battery condition and disconnects the battery when some unwanted events happen.

Also, many lithium YTX7A-BS batteries feature a built-in voltmeter, allowing the user to check the battery condition periodically.

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How To Charge YTX7A-BS Batteries

When the YTX7A-BS battery is connected to the electric system of the motorcycle or similar vehicle, let the vehicle's charging system do its job and keep the battery charger.

However, when the batteries are disconnected from the vehicle's electric system or the vehicle (or power generator, or any similar application) is not going to be used for an extended period of time, the battery should be recharged using a battery charger.

Lead-acid YTX7A-BS batteries should be recharged using 0.5-0.75A smart battery chargers which allow the user to select the exact battery type.

Lithium YTX7A-BS batteries should be recharged using dedicated 0.5-5.0A (battery dependent) lithium battery chargers or similar advanced lead-acid battery chargers that feature dedicated lithium battery charging mode.

 What Kills YTX7A-BS Batteries?

There are several reasons why YTX7A-BS batteries die, including:

Vibration and mechanical impacts damage the battery, including the battery casing, but also battery plates. If the battery is punctured, the electrolyte can leak, killing the battery right away.

High and low temperatures damage the battery as well. During high temperatures, chemical processes are faster, including self-discharging, and the battery, in general, deteriorates faster. During cold days, chemical processes are slower, forcing the battery to struggle more when cranking the engine.

Parasite drains may also discharge the battery, shortening its operating lifetime - this is especially a problem for lead-acid batteries due to the buildup of lead phosphate crystals on the battery plates.

Overcharging and undercharging may also shorten the battery lifetime - lead-acid batteries are especially sensitive to these conditions, while lithium batteries are usually protected by their built-in BMS.

Also, if You have a wet/flooded lead-acid battery, You must periodically check the electrolyte level, and if required, You must add distilled/demineralized water to prevent cells and plates from getting dry.

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Long Story Short: YTX7A-BS batteries are relatively small batteries, but they pack rather a strong punch, so treat them with respect since they are anything but toys.

If You are looking for a good, reliable, and relatively cheap YTX7A-BS battery, go for AGM or Gel-Cell battery from a reputable brand, and You will do just fine.

However, if You are looking for a lighter YTX7A-BS battery that is able to provide strong cranking currents, go for a lithium YTX7A-BS battery. But be sure to check that your motorcycle (or ATV or whatever vehicle/device you are having) has a battery charge controller that will not destroy the lithium battery (most newer vehicles/devices are OK) and that the operating temperature of the lithium battery fits your needs.